Water Intrusion


Water Damage
Water Damage in your business or home can be devastating, and when improperly dealt with can result in an unhealthy environment for you, your workers, and your family. If water damage should occur from exterior flooding, broken water pipes, sewer backups, or any other source Proactive Consulting Services can help. We can provide oversight or a detailed work plan to insure the structural drying and restoration of your building and its contents are completed correctly.

Building Moisture Investigation
Moisture, in all its physical forms, is commonly regarded as the single greatest threat to durability and long-term performance of a building. Excessive exposure to moisture is not only a common cause of damage to building components and materials, it also can lead to unhealthy indoor living environments. A building moisture investigation using pin-type or non-invasive moisture meters can be conducted to identify wet materials associated with a water damage loss, bulk water infiltration, water vapor, condensation, and elevated relative humidity.

Infrared Thermal Imaging
Infrared thermal imaging technology is a powerful inspection tool that allows us to see surface temperature anomalies (infrared radiation or heat) and identify potential moisture problems otherwise invisible to the human eye. Infrared thermography inspection can also be used to locate and identify energy loss problems (air leaks, missing insulation), electrical problems, moisture in the building envelope, and other structural concerns. Water is a powerful force. Undiscovered, moisture intrusion can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.


Mold Abatement Work Plans, Specifications, and Project Oversight
Water damage to buildings and building materials can create unhealthy living environments due to related microbial growth. Mold Abatement or remediation activities must use procedures and controls designed to minimize the degradation of the surrounding indoor environments and prevent exposure to workers. Proactive Consulting Services has extensive experience diagnosing moisture and mold problems, designing mold abatement projects, writing work plans, scopes of work, and detailed mold abatement specifications, and providing professional oversight of small- to large-scale projects.

Other Monitoring Services